Momentic is an AI-powered testing platform for developers. We make AI do the heavy lifting for you: finding elements, reasoning about assertions, visual comparisons, and even generating whole test cases!

Start testing with Momentic Cloud or use the CLI to run tests locally!

Why Momentic?

Momentic helps developers write and maintain complex end-to-end tests in half the time. In particular, here are some of the most common points that developers mention after adopting Momentic:

  • Low-code interactive test editor
  • Steps that can adapt to changes in the UI without flaking
  • Create complex assertions with zero code
  • Best-in-class developer experience with our easy-to-use local app
  • Can run tests manually, on a schedule, via API, or via CLI
  • Can run tests in any environment (locally, any URL, and in CI)
  • Accessibility audits and suggested fixes

How does Momentic work?

Users interact with the Momentic test editor through the cloud or local app. You can build tests visually and interactively. Saved tests can be executed via Momentic Cloud or locally via the CLI.

Our AI uses accessibility data and visual cues to locate HTML elements on the page. Unlike CSS selectors or XPath that Selenium uses, our AI can dynamically locate elements at runtime while being flexible to UI and DOM changes. For example, if the id of the ‘Submit’ button is changed or the button is moved from the left side of the page to the right, a Momentic test would not require any maintenance from an engineer.

Momentic has a custom Node.js test runner that translates our proprietary test format into actions at runtime that can be executed in a browser. We do not generate Selenium, Playwright, or any code under the hood.

How reliable is Momentic?

Momentic tests are much more reliable than Playwright or Cypress tests. Over a 30-day window, we achieved 99.2% reliability based on customer-labeled data, compared to the industry average of ~95%.

Momentic’s improved reliability comes from its use of AI-enabled features:

CategoryTraditional scriptsMomentic tests
Locating elementsDevelopers find and write hardcoded CSS selectors and element IDs that are prone to breaking when the application changes.Developers describe elements in plain English. Momentic uses AI to find the relevant element on the page based on the description, allowing the test to automatically adapt to application changes.
Waiting for statesDevelopers write hardcoded sleep times and loops, which break when infrastructure or network speeds change.AI wait step that intelligently waits until a condition is true before proceeding to the next steps. Momentic also automatically waits for the network and page to stabilize after every action.
Executing sequences of stepsDevelopers write lengthy testing scripts for every desired user workflow. If a single step in the user workflow changes, developers must maintain the script and modify all tests that use it.Momentic offers an AI action step that automatically generates sub-steps based on a user-provided goal. If the generated steps break, Momentic automatically re-generates the steps, requiring zero intervention from the engineer.

How to get started with Momentic?

Depending on your use case, it might be helpful to look into some of the resources and guides provided below.