AI actions are special steps that expand into a series of sub-steps based on a goal you provide. The sub-steps are automatically generated by our AI agent.

AI actions are useful for the following use cases:

  • Completing forms, including login pages and submissions
  • Measuring the accessibility and ease-of-use of your site

AI actions should not be used to execute single interactions on your page - please use our other steps like Click or Type instead, which are far simpler and execute more deterministically.

Our AI will continue generating steps until it believes your goal has been accomplished, at which point it will output a special Done step that is only allowed at the end of AI actions and cannot be moved.



High-level goal that you want the AI to achieve. The prompt should include any variables required to complete the task, such as credentials (“login using mypassword”), descriptors (“add a 128GB iPad to my cart”), and option choices (“decline all add-ons and checkout”).